Friday, April 20, 2007

Book finds in Trinity

I picked up a few curious books at the otherwise disappointing annual Trinity book sale last night. Despite being populated by the usual slightly aggressive, musty, mainly male crowd, there was no doubt a more limited range of books on offer this year than on previous occasions. Given that the organisers are dependent on donations, quality can never be guaranteed but it was hard work finding anything of great interest among the stacks of post- WWII macroeconomic textbooks or C.P. Snow novels. Pushed to categorise my buys (by of course a wholly imaginary entity - it's not a question I think I will have to field anytime in the near future), I would place 'Goodbye to the Hill' by Lee Dunne in the bawdy (this book also is a rare example of Irish erotic fiction, a genre whose history perhaps deserves more analysis if only to ask why there is so little of it), the letters of Simone Weil(above) the religious, S.J. Perleman essays the comic, 'The Man of Feelings' by Henry MacKenzie the sentimental and 'An Evil Cradling' by Brian Keenan the true.

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